Local Shoe Brand
Business Description
Our client is a local shoe brand founded in 2015 and now has a total of ten stores throughout shopping malls in Hong Kong. They believe the latest technology trend is to transform their stores into a better retail experience for a better customer experience. The People Counting management Solution is one of the first innovative tools the client has implemented to upgrade their business mottos: “Make Shoes in Your Way” and “Make Goods Affordable.”
Client Requirement Analysis
Several key specifications of this client were to learn more about their customers to improve the customer experience, and to upgrade their branding. Their existing CCTV systems helped them to capture video clips, which were reviewed by a team to collect data and analysis. However, such procedures are both labor intensive and time consuming. They needed a solution that better analyzed their visitors’ traffic data and the flow of visitors during the peak time periods. The client learned about the importance of the People Counting Big Data Analysis Systems during our sales presentation and agreed they should link people counting reports with the respective sales report generated from their existing technology for a much more in-depth analysis.
Sea Point Solution

Our solution captures visitors’ traffic from each store, sending data via a cloud-based platform, and then the back-end dashboard displays the analysis of visitors’ traffic by categorizing visitors by age, gender, and visit frequency. Apart from installation of the people counting camera and application dashboard, we also assist the customer to integrate their POS sales figures with the people counting system so that the customer can have more in-depth analysis about the relationship between sales revenue and people flow. From system design, programming, integration and installation, Sea Point’s Sales and Technical teams completed this project during the Christmas peak season without disturbing any business operation.

Business Benefit
Analysis of visitors’ traffic data allows our client to have a better understanding of each store’s traffic, improve sales conversions, and data collected to measure sales activities and promotions. An in-depth demographic analysis of their customers helps them to perfect, design, and measure sales promotions targeting potential customers. Throughout the trend analysis of the peak people flow period, our solution can also perfect staff scheduling.

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