Restaurants and Bars

Sea Point provides a wide range of products and solutions to facilitate customers to streamline their business operations, increase customer loyalty and company reputation.

  • Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

    Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems customize a point-of-sale management solution based to the operational process, including: menu and package management, ordering process, kitchen automatic sorting, checkout transaction processing, inventory management, employee attendance report, report management, integration services to accounting and salary calculation, etc. It can save the ongoing expenditure costs and accurately predicts future demand.
  • Reservation Systems

    Reservation Systems can shorten the customer’s waiting time, improve the operation efficiency of the restaurant and readily evaluate the daily seating situation and analyze the reservation data. Based on the statistics, the customer can establish a VIP customer list and promotion discount to attract returned customers and help to promote the growth of performance.
  • Queuing Systems

    Queuing Systems address instant notification of queuing situation, reduces manpower demand and error probability. In addition to cross-platform plan and discount information release, it will lead customers to keep close contact with your restaurant.
  • Menu Board
    (Digital Signage)

    Menu Board (Digital Signage) enriches the breakthrough of the traditional display to dynamic and interactive effect, transmit various kinds of information quickly and variably with strong visual stimulation effects.
  • LED Lighting Display Systems

    LED Lighting Display Systems: LED screen lighting, lighting control system and outdoor effect lighting enrich your product display, grab people’s attention and advertise effectively.
  • Self-Serve
    Beverage System

    Self-Serve Beverage Systems bring a new self-service experience to your customers. Customers can use our products to select a variety of beverages. With a prepaid smart card, customers only need to pay by mobile phone, but the extra cost of waiter services is also reduced. The reporting function can precisely provide an effective data basis for management’s decision-making.
  • Automated Food Server Systems

    Automated Food Server Systems support cloud application and tablet ordering. The whole process is automated from customer to kitchen and then deliver to customers’ table. It can lower the labor cost, save time and increase the table turnover rate.
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