Hospitality Automation Solutions
Sea-Point-offer-beverage dispensers-and-automated-food-delivery-as-part-of-its-Hospitality-Automation
Sea Point is pleased to offer beverage dispensers and automated food delivery as part of its Hospitality Automation portfolio. With the broad experience in automation solutions for restaurants and the requirements for the local market, these solutions transform the traditional restaurant system to seamless self-ordering, food delivery and payment transactions. These solutions can create customer experience, increase table turnover rate and reduce labor cost.
Sea Point is successful designing and implementing customized solutions because it adheres to the best practices in areas of System Integration and Project Management. This helps us ensure that the developed system will match or improve current business processes and needs. The result will enable you to experience more efficiency with business operations, better cost management, and a brighter bottom line.

  • Contactless Meal Pick Up Locker Systems

  • Self-Serve Beverage System

  • Automated Food Server Systems

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