Commercial Building,
Shopping Mall and Hotels

Sea Point provides a range of technology solutions for Commercial Building, Shopping Mall and Hotel customers. These solutions allow you to interact with your customers efficiently, streamline your daily operations and provide in-depth analysis for management decisions.

  • Innovative Washroom Management Systems

    Innovative Washroom Management Systems are based on LoRa WAN, which collects environmental data through various sensors, processes edge computing nodes of the IoT, and through cloud computing platforms to implement intelligent washroom management and operation functions for users.
  • People Counting Management Systems

    People Counting Management Systems include people counting solutions, facial recognition systems, wayfinding solutions, indoor navigation, and footpath analytics. These systems provide you precise operation processes, in-depth analysis and multi-dimensional data support in order to identify suitable management decisions.
  • Video Analytics Management Systems

    AI-based Intelligent Video Analytics Management System that is compatible with analog or IP camera images to synthesize with a video-based interactive management system.  These systems provide integration with access control, fire protection, alarm, broadcast and various types of sensors to generate management reports.
  • Menu Board
    (Digital Signage)

    Menu Board (Digital Signage) enriches the breakthrough of the traditional display to a dynamic and interactive effect, and transmits various kinds of information quickly and variably with strong visual stimulation effects.
  • LED Lighting Display Systems

    LED Lighting Display Systems: LED screen lighting, lighting control system and outdoor effect lighting enrich your product display, grab people’s attention and advertise effectively.
  • Self-Serve
    Beverage Systems

    Self-Serve Beverage Systems bring a new self-service experience to your customers. Customers can use our products to select a variety of beverages. With a prepaid smart card, customers only need to pay by mobile phone, but the extra cost of waiter services is also reduced. The reporting function can precisely provide an effective data basis for management’s decision-making.
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