Queuing Systems
Queuing Systems can be used in a variety of settings – from retail shops to quick service restaurants. The product allows customers to receive instant notification about queuing status and in an orderly manner. Self-serve kiosks can expedite wait time during peak hours and reduce demand of traditional manpower.

Sea Point developed the EnQue kiosk to operate as a multi-media platform designed to engage end-customers. It can be used for queuing in customer service departments or check-out lines, it can provide wait times for multiple restaurants, and allows for self-ticketing. At its core, it helps organize and manage lines, even among multiple entities.
We implement kiosk products that are interactive and provide a user-friendly interface that is attractive to customers. The intuitive self-ordering reduces mistakes. When integrated with a position locator, a customer can be located or notified while seated.
EnQue kiosk-Self-serve kiosks

Benefits to our customers:
  • 01

    Improves efficiency and allows for a smoother customer service experience, especially during peak periods

  • 02

    Reduces the demand for traditional manpower

  • 03

    Relieves the pressure for companies with frequent staff turnover

  • 04

    Collects customer data for promotional activities and offering refinement


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