Hong Kong: FEHD Implements Mandatory Air Ventilation Regulations at Dine-In Restaurants

Hong Kong - 31 March 2021| Hong Kong: Restaurant air ventilation rate must achieve 6 times per hour circulation to fulfill mandatory FEHD regulation as of May 1, 2021 or include a certified HEPA filter or UV-C disinfection device.

Sea Point can help to ensure your restaurant is equipped with an FEHD-certified air ventilation system to help minimize short-distance air transmission.  We offer a 5-in-1 device for air quality improvement including:

  • HEPA high filtration filter
  • UV-C disinfection
  • Photo catalyst titanium oxide
  • Photo ionization
  • Continuous air quality monitoring

Regulation Overview

As the restaurant and bar industry strives to return to normal occupancy levels and adapt to new industry guidelines, maintaining appropriate air ventilation has evolved into a critical component for small businesses and never been more important.  The working committee established by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has directed the implementation of a new goal to ensure all establishments can ensure air ventilation rate of at least 6 times per hour or provide proof of an alternative means to meet the requirements, as stipulated by the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirements and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation (Cap. 599F) on infection control grounds.See FEHD specification details here.

Sea Point Solution

Either the air ventilation system must achieve a minimum of 6 air changes per hour at each premises, or the dine-in location(s) must have installed a system that fulfills one or more of the following capabilities:

GOODHigh-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) device

GOODUltraviolet-C (UV-C) device

BEST*High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) cum Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) device

*Offered by Sea Point

Upgrading a restaurant air ventilation system can be expensive and take up to several months or possibly longer in the current environment requiring the restaurant to temporarily close. However, installation of the pre-certified HEPA cum UV-C device offered by Sea Point is easy and can be installed in a variety of places in the dining area(s).  Added benefits include:

  • Installed in less than one day without professional installation services
  • A low-cost and efficient option creating a safer environment for your customers
  • Meets the requirements specified in the regulation
  • Includes an additional filter and a one-year manufacturer’s warranty


The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has set a deadline of May 1, 2021 for the new regulation to be implemented.  Each dine-in restaurant and catering premises operators have been requested to register at the FEHD's webpage no later than April 30, 2021 to verify that “the air change per hour at seating areas of their premises has reached six, or air purifiers that meet the specified specifications have been installed according to the on-the-ground situation, together with a certificate issued by a registered specialist contractor (ventilation works category). Catering premises completing the registration may, upon confirmation by the FEHD, download a notice at the FEHD's webpage for display at the entrance of the premises.”

For more details on the new regulation, please refer to the FEHD press release below:


To download the Certification Template, please click here.


For FAQ’s, please visit: https://www.fehd.gov.hk

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Note: Details of the program are subject to change and are provided according to the final announcement of the FEHD.  Information about the FEHD regulations for restaurants on the Sea Point website are for reference only.

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