Video Analytics Management Systems

Artificial Intelligent (AI) front end system based on deep self-learning, high definition panoramic equipment, excellent intelligent video analysis and calculation, open and compatible management platform, reliable background data reports, and video-based management systems which can integrate access control, fire protection, alarm, broadcasting, and various types of sensors to achieve data communication

• Real-time intelligent alerting and prioritization environment analysis
• 3D mapping and intelligent video retrieval
• Video enrichment/ video summary/ video bookmark capabilities
• AI flame/smoke detection/AI human shape detection and active face recognition
• Active license plate recognition and vehicle detection
• Custom AI functions (Abnormal behavior analysis)
• Offline analysis (import third-party standard video for intelligent retrieval)

• Supports ONVIF, RTSP and GB / T28181 standard protocols
• Configure third-party cameras and other devices through the software platform
• Compatible with IP devices from different manufacturers
• Distributed architecture platform
• Video surveillance without location area restrictions
• Unlimited stacks of servers, workstations, cameras and other equipment

Benefits to customers:
  • 01

    Simple installation, low cost, time-saving

  • 02

    Power saving mode to reduce energy consumption

  • 03

    End-to-end solutions provide flexibility and scalability

  • 04

    Flexible to fit any standard hardware, simple and cost-effective

  • 05

    Impact, economical structure, smart design even suitable for extreme environments

  • 06

    Software analyzing live video streams requires little storage hence helps extend retention time of video to ultimately save cost

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