EZ Beer Self-Serve Draught Beer System
EZ Beer self-serve draught beer taps add a whole new dimension of fun to your venue. Your customers can fill and refill their glasses any time they like, and buy drinks for their friends. Unique self-serve dispensing options are available to accommodate every type of establishment.

  • The exact amount of beer poured is displayed on a touch screen mounted near each beer tap.
  • You can set the system as pre-paid, run-a tab, or set-a limit payment options.
  • Customers or serving staff can see the volume of beer that has been poured – and manage it easily.
  • No more sneaky pours and profit-draining free drinks with the EZ Beer system!
Our Solution
  • Self-serve draught beer dispensing system including a variety of direct draw or long draw system options
  • Auto-pay system integrated into user interface
  • Simple WiFi connection
  • Customizable user interface and data tracking functionality
  • Keg usage/tracking system can be integrated into real-time menu digital menu board
Benefits To Your Customers
  • Customers can serve themselves without waiting in queue for the bartender
  • Customers can auto-pay via Alipay or WeChat Pay with easy user interface on screen
  • Customers enjoy a fun and exciting experience
  • Pay a nominal fee to sample a new craft beer before purchasing a full glass
  • Can be configured for indoor or outdoor at family functions or special events
Benefits to You
  • Management can track exactly what customers pour and pay for each beer line
  • Reduced waiting time and ordering time equals more beer sales!
  • Increases efficiency and consumption on a daily basis
  • Unique differentiation opportunity to attract more customers with a unique self-serve experience
  • Reduced beer wastage from overpours or theft

Benefits to customers:
  • 01

    Fully automated beverage service business

  • 02

    New trend in business operation model for automation

  • 03

    Less or no wastage in beer, drink and pay per volume defined

  • 04

    Convenient for customers to select from a wide variety of beer and pour different amounts at any time, with no need for assistance

  • 05

    The choices are almost endless ensuring that you get exactly what you want to match your décor and payment options, as well as enhance your customers’ beverage experience.

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