Moving beyond simplistic traditional systems, we offer our customers a curated selection of robots tailored to various multi-dimensional needs. Via our integrated robotech solutions and integrated robot management platforms, we enhance property quality and commercial performance. Our collaboration with multiple platforms within the ecosystem allows us to customize specific features, furthering our commitment to meeting customers’ unique needs.


Patrol Robots

Autonomous Real-time Inspections: Patrol robots systematically carry out their checks based on pre-established routes, requiring no human intervention. They actively analyze conditions within their patrol areas, including temperature, humidity, smoke and more. Upon detecting any abnormalities, they can immediately sound an alarm.

Exceptional Efficiency: These robots outperform traditional human patrols, conducting safety rounds 24/7 and saving manpower costs. They identify potential hazards promptly and conduct thorough inspections even in areas not covered by conventional surveillance systems.

Accurate Data Logging: When faced with potential security breaches, patrol robots can automatically activate real-time recording, backing up data to Cloud for further reference.

Multi-faceted Management: Alongside managing human personnel, these robots handle vehicle management effectively, supporting various biometric identifications and employing blacklist/whitelist protocols.

Delivery Robots

Multi-dimensional Functionality: Our delivery robots are equipped to navigate elevators, ensuring efficient delivery of unique items in multi-story buildings, directly targeting user needs. Their user-friendly interfaces facilitate human-robot interaction.

Safety Measures: Equipped with several sensors and safety devices, these robots avoid human or object collision. Their in-built data processing and cloud computing abilities enhance stability.

Modular Production: By employing modular design, our robots adapt to a multitude of functions, reducing maintenance costs.

Cleaning Robots

Automated Smart Operations: Cleaning robots conduct tasks independently and effectively. By mapping the internal layouts of buildings, they efficiently plan routes and ensure thorough cleaning coverage.

Round-the-clock Service: These robots tirelessly work 24/7, resulting in enhanced cleaning performance.


Patrol Robots

Cost-effective: These robots significantly reduce manpower, freeing up staff for other critical tasks.

Enhanced Security: The use of patrol robots significantly improves the efficiency of routine inspections, enabling early detection and resolution of issues.

Accurate Data Documentation: Robotic data logging provides more accurate information than manual logging, facilitating subsequent analysis and management.

Delivery Robots

Cost-effective: By minimizing the need for human intervention in deliveries, these robots significantly reduce operational costs.

Elevated Efficiency & Service Quality: As these robots operate 24/7, they notably improve efficiency. Simultaneously, their timely and accurate services enhance customer satisfaction.

Contactless Deliveries: These robots reduce human-to-human interaction and human-to-object contact, reducing potential virus transmission and increasing safety.

Cleaning Robots

Cost-effective: These robots eliminate manual cleaning, freeing staff for more critical tasks.

Improved Corporate Reputation: The utilization of high-tech cleaning robots not only facilitates quality cleaning services but also enhances your business’s reputation for technological advancements and social responsibility.


Our service robots are now available in:

Based on your property type, Sea Point is committed to developing a tailored robotic solution, offering cost-effective hardware functionality and customizable software development for your business.

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