We advocate customized lighting energy optimization solution with high light efficiency, low energy consumption, low light attenuation, long lifespan, and low cost throughout the entire life cycle. Furthermore, we utilize Internet of Things technology to optimize the management of space lighting, improve user experience, and save a minimum of 50% (and potentially up to 80%) of power consumption for our customers, in order to achieve carbon zero and carbon neutrality for their sustainable development.


Improve lighting quality and comfort

Lower cost and higher efficiency throughout the entire life cycle

Provide corresponding energy-saving solutions for bulb lights, ceiling lights, and simple lights used in property management

Lower maintenance and less business interruption and downtime

Increase property value and marketability through sustainable and energy-efficient features


Lamp beads, power supply, heat dissipation, and anti-surge device components are all at top level of the industry

Overall light efficiency of 140lm, with low light attenuation after 5 years (customizable and controllable)

Proprietary technology achieves brightness of 16W/18W with 8W/9W power, reducing energy consumption by 50% (and potentially up to 80%)

Some lighting fixtures can be managed intelligently (all on/low light/all off), which can further save energy

T8 LED high luminous efficiency energy-saving lamp, with a service life of 5 – 8 years (industry standard mostly around 2 years)


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