Our car park systems master the management of large, medium, and small parking lots at all times, ensure the safety of parking lots, complete the entrance and exit billing, and identify locations of vehicles and vacancies via a wide spectrum of innovative technologies. Our solution saves ample time for searching empty parking spaces and makes wayfinding easier, thus improving the overall parking procedures and, most importantly, user experience. Through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, it can save energy consumption of the carpark and then optimize staffing allocation for managers. Additionally, for older commercial entities, we are able to provide customized parking lot upgrading services to meet the ever-changing needs of the market.


Our car park systems help customers

Achieve fast and accurate identification of various license plates and support abnormal license plate alerting

More easily navigate parking lots and identify vehicle occupancy

Provide a powerful and visual back-end management platform for managers

Provide customized voice broadcast and visual guidance display

Complete the software and hardware upgrading and transformation of the existing parking lot of older commercial buildings

Reduce cost and increase management efficiency


Unmanned service and service automation

Accurate parking lot guidance and navigation

Contactless and fast payment

Voice broadcast

Parking lot and user management platform

IoT light control system and energy saving management


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