Facial Recognition Systems

Facial Recognition Systems can automatically evaluate the shopper’s gender and age, count the customer’s return rate, collect the data so as to identify the VIP customer, and convert this information into visible data. In collaboration with the people counting flow data for the operation of the commercial project, it can provide management more comprehensive and in-depth analytical data support.

Benefits to customers:
  • 01

    Accurately seize the composition of the store flow

  • 02

    Verify and adjust the business positioning of shopping malls in a timely manner

  • 03

    Arrange more reasonable promotions to increase the rate of customer purchase

  • 04

    Combine report analysis software to understand customer return rate and evaluate the operation status of shopping malls and commercial centers

  • 05

    For VIP customer management, provide a series of data support from store reminder, purchase habit analysis, precision marketing, etc., to help customers better serve VIP customers, improve purchase rate and transaction rate.

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