Access Control Systems

Bosch Access Control Systems include both hardware (AMC controller, card reader integrated with AMS/BIS) and software (AMS access control management system, BIS building integration system). The systems comprise a full range of building integration system software, a series of stable and durable hardware such as access controllers, card readers and accessories, providing customers with safe and reliable access control solutions. The Bosch Access Control System is a highly intelligent, highly secure, highly customizable and highly user-friendly access control solution, protect the security and privacy inside the building and brings users a better experience and lower operating costs.

Benefits to customers:
The Bosch access control system can achieve high standards of security, convenience and intelligence in buildings, reduce operating costs, and bring higher values to users, specifically reflected in the following aspects:
•  Meet the growing security needs
•  Strict supervision and control of restricted areas
•  More flexible combination of time and behavior data acquisition and access control authorization
•  Behavioral Data Acquisition and Analysis

• A single system supports up to 400,000 cardholders and 10,000 doors, beyond the upper limit, it can be expanded through the secondary structure
• Meets the most demanding access control system requirements
• The software is specially designed for large and super large access control projects
• In addition to the basic functions of access control, it supports a wide variety of advanced extended functions, such as personnel area positioning and quantity or line rules to limit online patrol, elevator control, database segmentation management.
• The report generation function of the access control system can provide users with rich reports to reflect the operation status of the access control system. It can support data analysis and decision-making, improve data visualization, and help users more intuitive statistics in a timely fashion

The application scenarios are very wide, and the systems can be used in various types of buildings and infrastructures, including commercial buildings, residential buildings, high-end medical institutions, universities and administrative institutions, etc.

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