Shenzhen: Sea Point participates in THAC 2024 – The 20th Top Healthcare Asia Congress
Shenzhen: Sea Point participates in THAC 2024 – The 20th Top Healthcare Asia Congress
On March 14-15 2024, the "THAC 2024 - The 20th Top Healthcare Asia Congress” was successfully held in Shenzhen. The forum has a huge industry scale and has attracted the attention and participation of many industry professionals. The forum brings together high-end medical groups, high-end general hospitals and clinics, high-end specialty hospitals and clinics, special needs departments of public hospitals, medical real estate developers, and leading solution suppliers to discuss the future development of high-end healthcare, the opportunities, and challenges of medical integration in the Greater Bay Area to improve medical quality. As the exclusive video sponsor of this congress, Sea Point was invited to attend and debut its robot solutions during the congress, showcasing its cutting-edge technological capabilities and bringing technological innovation and change to the medical industry.
This forum invited important speakers such as Xiao Yihuang, Chief Operating Officer of Xinfeng Tianyu Greater Bay Area, Li Xianxin from Shenzhen Qianhai Taikang Hospital, Li Guanxiong, Vice Dean of Hong Kong Yanghe Hospital, Liu Zhifen, Dean of Shenzhen Meizhongyihe Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and Fan Rui, Dean of Tianjin Project Medical Operations, to give academic presentations on topics such as "Medical Integration and Innovation in the Greater Bay Area", "Integrating Diversified Resources to Build a High end Medical Flagship", "High end Medical Development of Yanghe Hospital", and "Fine Management and High quality Services of High end Hospitals". They deeply explored the current development status and future trends of the high-end medical industry in China, as well as exploring more open, comprehensive, and refined innovation paths in collaborative development. At the panel discussion of the congress, Fan Rui, the Dean of Medical Operations for Tianjin Project, said, "With the continuous progress of medical technology, the quality and efficiency of medical services have become the focus of common concern for patients and medical institutions. Therefore, we need more refined management to ensure the continuous improvement and optimization of medical services." She also emphasized the application of digital technology in the medical industry. Digital technology can not only help medical institutions achieve refined management, but also improve the efficiency and quality of medical services. Simultaneously, data analysis can provide decision-making support for medical institutions and improve the intelligence level of medical services.
Shenzhen: Sea Point participates in THAC 2024 – The 20th Top Healthcare Asia Congress Shenzhen: Sea Point participates in THAC 2024 – The 20th Top Healthcare Asia Congress
Sea Point solution experts in THAC 2024
Richard Zheng, Regional Sales Director of Sea Point China Limited, also shared his insights on refined and high-quality management in the healthcare industry. He emphasized, "If our solution cannot support actual business requirements, then intelligence development is not ideal. Only by integrating advanced technologies such as intelligence, automation, and refinement into the actual business of hospitals and health centers in daily management can we improve the service quality and efficiency of the medical industry.".
For this reason, the Sea Point solutions feature "high-end design," "enhanced collaboration," and "humanistic services," which are tailored to the actual business situation in the medical industry. By using technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things, it achieves comprehensive monitoring and management of patient information, medical resources, service quality, and more. This solution can not only improve the quality and efficiency of medical services, but also save labor costs for medical institutions and improve overall operational efficiency. For example, robots in hospitals can assist patients in number retrieval and guide people with disabilities; Through robot transportation, safe delivery of medical samples, samples, and hazardous chemicals can be achieved, reducing human error and achieving isolation of individuals. In the health and wellness center, security robots can also observe the activities of the elderly 24 hours a day, perform night rounds, call duty personnel immediately in case of emergency, and keep records, greatly improving the efficiency and accuracy of medical services. Not only that, the Sea Point robot integrated management platform also integrates hospital lighting, sound, and environmental systems, continuously optimizing the collaboration of multiple robots in various areas, improving comfort, and providing strong data support and reference suggestions for managers.
Shenzhen: Sea Point participates in THAC 2024 – The 20th Top Healthcare Asia Congress
Shenzhen: Sea Point participates in THAC 2024 – The 20th Top Healthcare Asia Congress
The newly launched robot solution fully showcases the latest innovative achievements in the cross collaboration between "medical" and "robotics" fields. It not only has a high degree of intelligence and automation, but also can be personalized according to the needs of the medical industry and patients, providing more accurate, safe, and comfortable medical services for the medical industry and patients. We believe that this plan will bring revolutionary impact to the high-end medical field and drive the medical industry to a higher level. In the future, Sea Point will continue to explore and innovate, providing more high-quality solutions and services for the medical industry, and supporting the efficient development of the high-end medical industry.
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